Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hello Bloggers!

I'm setting up my first blog here on, and am only hoping for the best. For this blog I will review one restaurant a week (yes one, I live on a college student's budget) and will post my review every Tuesday night. I am hoping that I will gain a better understanding of blogging and the tools that are provided to do so.

I am also looking forward to becoming familiar with the many dining options in downtown Flint. Currently I've only been eating on the campus of UM-Flint at the University Pavilion and the Riverview Dining Room.

I plan to report and review my dining experience at each restaurant. Included in each post will be the cost of the meal, what my guests and I have ordered, and how we rated each meal and our overall experience. I will always include photos of meals, and the restaurant, to enhance my blog post. I will also provide a link to the restaurant's Web site, if available. On occasion I may find it appropriate to add video or sound footage. Those are factors dependent upon the setting and the atmosphere of the restaurant. In other words, it may be acceptable to shoot video footage at one restaurant, but not another.

I look forward to reading comments and to finally become a "blogger!"