Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Free Food On Campus!

On Tuesday I found the opportunity to enjoy a free lunch at UM-Flint. The Office of Student Life is hosting a series of workshops called "Amaizing Leaders" and this time around it involved lunch with Chancellor Ruth Person. Located in the Happenings Room on the first floor University Center, the luncheon was held from 12:30-1:30 pm and was open to all students and staff.

The food wasn't much, but you can't really complain when it's free. A buffet table was filled with Fritos, assorted breads, mustard and mayonnaise, an assortment of meats and cheese, vegetables, cookies and lemonade. It was basically everything I expected it would be.

I ended up making a Turkey sandwich with swiss cheese, mayo and lettuce. I also grabbed a spoonful (yes, spoonful) of Fritos, four pickle spear halves with a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

I wish that I would have grabbed more of everything though, especially the Fritos. I was third in the buffet line and I felt the pressure of 20 hungry people waiting behind me. It would have been different if I had paid for the food because I would have felt the need to get my money's worth, but being that it was free I felt the need to be slightly modest.

The luncheon was a great opportunity to say a few words to the Chancellor and get to know a little more about her. She told the history of her work and education and afterwards opened the floor for students to ask questions. She talked about her hobbies, that she liked to cook and garden. She told a couple of stories about how her father was an influence and inspiration to her, and she gave advice to students about taking the time to have a little fun in addition to their studies. Finally, Chancellor Person had to leave 15 minutes early because of a scheduled conference call with Governor Granholm.

I found the luncheon to be a great opportunity. Not only was I able to enjoy a free lunch right on the campus of UM-Flint, but I was able to learn more about Chancellor Person and network with other student leaders on campus as well.

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