Monday, November 9, 2009

The Lunch That Almost Happened

The Lunch Studio
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The Lunch Studio is seen as the
black building with the orange and yellow sign.
Today I was supposed to eat lunch at The Lunch Studio (pictured right), located downtown Flint at 444 S. Saginaw. Since I didn't eat there today I can't review any of the food, but I will give a small preview of the restaurant because I have been there before.

The Lunch Studio serves mainly soup and sandwiches, and of course, their famous chili. The restaurant has a very retro feeling to it too. Every table and chair is different than the next and the walls are decorated with interesting art. One of my favorite pieces of art at The Lunch Studio is a giant piece of key lime pie, complete with whipped topping.

Rob Gill, a food writer for says that The Lunch Studio is a healthy burger alternative. "They do not deep-fry anything and I bet there isn't a hot dog in the building," said Gill on his blog. "The soups are almost all homemade and salads are prepared fresh daily." The Lunch Studio also received a Healthy Lifestyle Award for their menu and nutritional value, according to Gill.

With that being said, I will be reviewing The Lunch Studio the next opportunity I have!

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