Wednesday, November 18, 2009

OH Blendz

The UM-Flint University Pavilion is home to many eateries. I experienced one of these, OBlendZ, on Tuesday. OBlendZ primarily sells smoothies and grilled sandwiches. 

I ordered a bean burrito (pictured right). The burrito contains a mild salsa, cheese, refried beans and a spicy-sweet rice. All of this is wrapped and grilled in a 12" tortilla. 

The rice is my favorite part of the burrito. Its so different from any kind of rice I have tasted. It's kind of sweet, but has a hint of a spice that I'm not familiar with. 

Everything wrapped together makes it handy to pick up, without having to worry about anything slipping out the bottom. This is a feature of almost every sandwich that OBlendZ serves. 

I also ordered a freshly-made smoothie. OBlendZ has many smoothie choices, including fruit like pineapple, mango, strawberry, raspberry, orange, and blackberry. I ordered a strawberry banana chocolate smoothie (pictured left). 

I can only say good things about this smoothie. It's freshly made with real fruit, and plenty of it too. 

The texture is real smooth, and it glides through your straw and down your throat in one gulp. There aren't any chunks to get caught in the straw, which makes it real handy to drink on the go. 

I received everything for a total of $6.55. My meal also included a bag of chips. I found it to be a reasonable price, but it's close to being a little too much. All of the items can be purchased separately, though, if you don't want to spend as much, or if you're looking for a snack. 


  1. hey, im doing a blog like this too. its about pizza in genessee county!

  2. Zac, I should check out your blog because I absolutely love pizza and I'm always looking for a new pizza joint that doesn't taste like take-out (Hungry Howie's, Little Caesar's, etc.).

    Emma, thanks for the information. It's nice to know what food is good and what isn't too great if I ever decide to eat on campus!