Friday, November 20, 2009

Riverview Dining Room: A UM-Flint staple

On Thursday I ate at The Riverview Dining Room, again. It's a great place for students to eat because it's right on campus on the third floor UCEN. The Dining Room is all-you-can-eat for $5.99.

To start I had the Tortilla Soup (pictured right). The soup wasn't spicy, like I would expect it to be, but I didn't mind.

The texture was thicker than a normal soup and it was full of finely-chopped vegetables. I liked that the vegetables were small because that made it easier for them to go down.

A lot of times I like to sprinkle cheese on top of my tortilla soup, but there wasn't any to do this. Instead, I had to settle for oyster crackers. I wouldn't normally put oyster crackers in my tortilla soup, but there weren't any tortilla chips either. Overall, the soup was pretty good. I've had worse soup in the Dining Room, like the Roasted Turkey Soup.

For my main course I got General Tso's Tofu with a side of summer squash and carrots, and broccoli (pictured left).

I've never tried tofu before so I thought this would be a good opportunity. Unsurprisingly, I didn't like it. It tasted like a mixture of chicken and french toast. Kinda weird. I can't compare this tofu to any other because this is the only kind I've had, but I thought the whole concept was a little strange. The General Tso sauce was delicious though, and I ate the vegetables that came in the mixture.

The broccoli was also good. It tasted crisp and fresh and went very well with some salt. The squash and carrots were tasty as well, and they were soaked in a buttery flavored sauce.  Overall this was a good meal, and it was different from their normal, traditionally American meals.

For dessert the Dining Room was offering Raspberry Jell-O Parfait, again. I'm a little sick of Raspberry Jell-O Parfait so I decided to treat my sweet tooth at the waffle bar.

The waffle bar is a fun place because you get to make your own waffle (pictured right). Once it's done you get your choice of toppings, ranging from peanut butter, whipped topping, syrup and jelly.

I just went with syrup. I didn't put any butter on it either because they only have the little butter packets, but nothing at the bar to spread the butter on with. It's a hassle really, so I just skipped the butter.

Not a bad day overall in the Riverview Dining Room. My only complaint is that they need to mix it up a little with the dessert. You can only eat Raspberry Jell-O so many times in a week.

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